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SHA1: e7060bda3ebafb60d49901ed9b001eafcd3cd84b
Mirror: Mega
Mirror (trực tiếp từ AppLife.vn): AppLife.vn

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Thay đổi mới & các bản cũ

Beta 11-3: (Current)
  1. Fix a race condition on jailbreakd's launch to improve success rate of jailbreak
Beta 11-2:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 138581cf0f5e8eb2f31e36fede85b4ab32f23b81
Mirror: Mega
  1. Significantly improve the reliability of jailbreakd so it can handle a large amount of process launches at once (coolstar)
  2. Make jailbreakd print directly to stderr rather than NSLog (coolstar)
  3. Fix a race condition in beta 11 that would cause jailbreakd to sometimes inject too early, and thus fail to inject (coolstar)
Beta 11:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 1e481196e824a0d9e82df1d2eb796bf356d72341
Mirror: Mega
  1. Add libjailbreak so command line tools, apps, etc. can talk to jailbreakd if needed (n_triangle_dev)
  2. Use XPC instead of UDP from libjailbreak and xpcproxy (n_triangle_dev)
  3. Use TCP instead of UDP from launchd (coolstar)
Beta 10:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 267082472d5a64b8134367d242236e7be35951ac
Mirror: Mega
  1. Fix certain codesigned binaries not working with our amfi payload (coolstar)
  2. Add darwintools, debiantools (not dpkg), shell-cmds, system-cmds and uikittools
  3. Re-sign most of the bootstrap as SHA1 to prepare for them to be pushed to a repo
  4. Code cleanup (stek29 and nullpixel)
  5. Fix update checker erroneously saying there's an update in airplane mode
Beta 9:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 4c6518ee96c75fe48f21a161c99946506b3a193c
Mirror: Mega
  1. Sandbox is now working on the first launch for apps and daemons (thanks stek29)
  2. Remove 0.5 second delay when launching apps or daemons that was present since beta 1 (coolstar)
  3. Check if a new beta is available when electra is launched
  4. Double-launch workaround has been removed since it's no longer needed, fixing all bugs introduced on beta 8
  5. Remove AnemoneFonts.dylib as it was causing problems
  6. Important Note: If you are upgrading from beta 8-2 or lower to any beta 9 or higher, you will need to reinstall all tweaks and themes
Beta 8-2:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 0a3a92661fd1b062913956bcd5b85606816c7464
Mirror: Mega
  1. Fixes issues with WebKit (Safari/Chrome), receiving calls, and downloading App Store apps by not working around the sandbox issue in those processes
  2. Known Bug: Apps will take longer to launch the first time they're launched after rejailbreaking due to a workaround for another bug w/ unsandboxing not working on first launch
Beta 8
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 38b816793116b4827cc39171371b9c43749f20f4
Mirror: Mega
  1. Sandbox mitigations are now in place so /Library, /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences and /bootstrap are now accessible to all processes! (stek29, coolstar)
  2. Workaround sandbox mitigations not taking place on apps' first launch (coolstar)
  3. Improve reliability of amfid patch so it doesn't hang on malformed requests (e.g. SysSecInfo)
  4. Known Bug: Apps will take longer to launch the first time they're launched after rejailbreaking due to a workaround for another bug w/ unsandboxing not working on first launch
Beta 7:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: a0a59e7a68a37387f8e3c14e660969e6d0b5b71d
Mirror: Mega
  1. amfid now gets re-patched if it ever gets killed (stek29 and coolstar)
  2. clean up amfid patch (stek29)
  3. Add 3d touch shortcut for jailbreaking (ca13ra1)
Beta 6-5:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 410e4e5bcb4eaa5718b0931bdd6919521cb8d201
Mirror: Mega
  1. Fix a regression in beta 6-4 that would cause launchd to run out of file descriptors
Beta 6-4:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 1e6c8e767593f1d2ec15ef55b7b4a918df156341
Mirror: Mega
  1. Don't make jailbreakd rely on pidlistuptrs bug (thanks stek29)
  2. log dylib load errors in SBInject (thanks stek29)
  3. Clean up launchd payloads (thanks stek29)
  4. Load dylibs alphabetically from SBInject (thanks c0ldra1n)
  5. Check for jailbreakd start before reloading backboardd
  6. Make rejailbreaking significantly faster
Beta 6-3:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 500e468b4852e980f16125c00f99fa9403f6eba0
Mirror: Mega
  1. Use host special port #4 to get tfp0 in jailbreakd (thanks n_triangle_dev)
  2. Add jailbreakd as a launchd service so it gets restarted if it dies (thanks n_triangle_dev)
Beta 6-2:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: f99a632ab0afffb168f920ed4c31c5a72ca123b7
Mirror: Mega
  1. Fix kernel memory leak in entitlement injector
Beta 6:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 9e44c896abce6c835c45435d428426105e44857e
Mirror: Mega
  1. Add a working launchctl for loading launch daemons (thanks nullpixel)
  2. Load dropbear as a launch daemon & fix zombie process issue (thanks nullpixel)
  3. Set kernel task as host special port #4 (thanks stek29)
Beta 5:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: c0bc029cee9c16cf41a38d59884f41f39d85f610
Mirror: Mega
  1. Fix an issue in the substrate shim where substitute could crash if tweaks tried hooking nonexistent selectors
  2. Fix an issue with the dylib loader dragging UIKit (and all its tweaks) into every single daemon
  3. Make jailbreakd more robust with input struct size check enforcement
Beta 4-2:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: b7c01ce241c7b7fc594b850fb122a425e2e4c59a
Mirror: Mega
  1. Fix a symlink that would prevent some substrate extensions from working with libsubstitute
Beta 4:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 8394694bb879de9a13d740d1c7ea773a398c5fbf
Mirror: Mega
  1. Disable NVRAM patching as it still appears to be unstable
  2. Make amfid patch more reliable so that more dylibs can be run properly
  3. Add a "shim" so existing substrate tweaks can use libsubstitute without modifications
Beta 3-3:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 5f2b2531bd9cd8bcf116c0535505063d643a70b3
Mirror: Mega
  1. Fix the NVRAM patching crashing due to the memory page being unmapped (thanks Siguza)
Beta 3-2:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 21fddbbd852179460589a41de52b6dc2461fab6f
Mirror: Mega
  1. Don't unlock NVRAM variables due to the patch crashing some devices.
Beta 3
Download: GitHub
SHA1: fd51e33cd3e46dc18636f5ce6a2a77a341b1a676
Mirror: Mega
  1. Unlock all NVRAM variables (including setting boot-nonce) [thanks stek29]
  2. Add support for binaries with SHA1 hashes (so existing dylibs work fine, but executables will need the entitlement) [thanks stek29]
  3. Clean up some garbage files that were present from previous build (yay macOS resource forks and .DS_Store)
  4. Hopefully fix the app icon not displaying on iPhones
  5. Significantly speed up the rejailbreak process

Beta 2:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: ef06cfacdb6e038c6269b2f4f0dc9f45e42a234b
Mirror: Mega
  1. Fix Anemone not reognizing themes
  2. Fix black screen when jailbreaking with tweaks enabled

Beta 1:
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 302a084fac30fab8d356fb33beb47ba9ed88c6fd
Mirror: Mega
  1. Initial Release

Important Information



Electra is a tool designed for developers and themers. If you do not know how to use SSH, please don't use this tool and wait for a later release. Although Electra itself should be safe, we are not responsible for any damage that may be caused to your iOS installation by any tweaks or executables you load after the jailbreak.